Beginnings and Middles

Hello to everyone. My hopes for this blog are not profound. I simply want a place to work out some thoughts that form as I read, listen, watch, and talk with others. I believe that these, after all, are what eventually work themselves out into the narrative of life.

In our world life is increasingly complex. Up to this point I have lived out 77% of a century. During this time profound changes have taken place. When I was born the Great Depression was still lingering. World War II was gaining momentum. When I was seven year old, the atomic bomb was invented, then used on Japan. Since that time many momentous events have taken place. The Soviet Union erected the Iron Curtain; a few years later it fell, along with the Berlin Wall. The computer was born, matured, and continues to revolutionize every single thing in our lives.  Change continues to take place at a rapidity that to me is beyond all comprehension.  God created the world — and then took time to rest. But so many of us dare not take time to pause, let alone rest. So what I want to do is pause for a bit of time — to think — to write — and to share.

The page that any of us start with is far from blank. Over time there are many influences that make up the persons we are today. The totality of these influences in my own life cause me to describe myself in certain ways. They all influence what I think, what I am, and what I say. They also influence what others know about me and think about me. Scary thought. And, of course, the decisions I make.

By reading the About page, and by examining the links on the right, you will start to get an inkling — to form an opinion of my beliefs, concerns, and tendencies. But of course these are not the whole story. They just point in a direction — a place where the narrative lingers for a moment or two. They are hints and signposts, but not the story itself.

Any comments that are made, with respect and civility, will be received and treated as same. Do not be afraid!

In the course of time I hope to comment on what I have been interacting with in life: Reading books, papers, journals, and blogs.  Being entertained through television, movies, and music.  Observing nature, environment and ecology. And having interest in subjects such as church, theology, history, biography, and politics. Through all of this, interacting with those around me, such as my wife, children, members of my church community, and neighborhood. And lastly photography, by sharing some of my pictures, seeing this is one of the great motivators of my life.

I will probably skip some days, but hopefully not too many in a row. So — until next time —

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