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First of all let me get the personal information out of the way. My name is David Cornwell. I live in a rural part of northeast Indiana, in an old farm house — on a detached portion of my son-in-law’s dairy farm. I live with Marge, my wife for over half a century, mate and friend — the one I hope to remain with until by death we part company.

My birthplace is Huntington, West Virginia, a city in the Ohio Valley, and next to that great river. In the fourth grade my family moved directly across the river to Chesapeake, Ohio. This was my official residence until I graduated from Asbury College in Kentucky.

Later I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary, earning an M.Div. Degree. Then I became a Methodist pastor, serving churches in Kentucky and Indiana for twenty years.

Since I was a kid I’ve been interested in photography. Through the years I have ebbs and flows in my involvement, but never in my interest. Now that I’ve been retired for several years, I spend much more time yielding to this obsession.  Some of my posts here will include my photography.

When I was a senior in high school one of our required readings was a section of Paul Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Immediately I went to the library and checked out the book, and spent the next few days devouring it. Rather than talk to a friend during lunch hour, I read from Bunyan’s allegorical masterpiece.

It came home to me: I am part of God’s Story. I have a place in it, for better or for worse.  As life unfolds,  I find that evil and good are very real.  In life we live through triumphs and tragedy.  As followers of Jesus, we have an eye on not only this momentary episode that enfolds us, but we must necessarily also have an eye on the end of the story.

It is with this in mind that I write.  This,  in part,  is an extension of my physical journal, however with one difference: it is open to the public.  Thus the title of my blog— David Cornwell Reflects. Feel free to read and state an opinion.  The rules of common courtesy and calm discussion apply.

Originally I had no intention of writing a blog. I want to thank Chaplain Mike from Internet Monk for the opportunity to write, from time to time, on that wonderful blog. It is a place where some of the best dialogue happens again and again. However I want to write in a more disciplined and orderly fashion some of what I’ve been thinking. I want to get it down and viewable where family and friends can see and interact with it.

You may contact me through email at the following:  david.cornwell.fw@gmail.com



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